Bad news if you were hoping for the reopening of Yakima's Lions Pool. City officials closed the facility in late June for repairs that were expected to take a week or more. But now it looks like it'll be closed for the rest of the summer and into early fall. A mechanical issue with the pool’s main pump has forced the closure.

City officials say they expected the problem to be a quick fix

“We are going to be closed much longer than anticipated,” says Parks & Recreation Manager Ken Wilkinson. “Lions Pool will be closed an additional 10 weeks due to difficulty in getting the parts needed to repair the damaged pump and motor.”
Yakima city officials say the mechanical issue with the Lions Pool main pump first arose in late June, requiring what at the time was hoped to be a short-term closure.

City officials say there are other options for those who want to get wet

“We certainly apologize to the loyal users of Lions Pool that the facility will have to be closed while we await the needed parts to repair the pump and motor,” says Wilkinson. Hundreds of loyal users swim at the pool every week with many local seniors using the pool for daily exercise.
As the work continues at the pool there are other options including the City of Yakima’s outdoor pool, Franklin Pool at 2102 Tieton Drive and spray parks at Miller Park and Martin Luther King Jr. Park. The Yakima YMCA Aquatics center also offers swim classes and some local health clubs also have pools for exercise and fun.

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