The Supreme Court's ruling that Washington's Drug Possession law is unconstitutional will be a headache for law enforcement and the State's prosecuting attorneys but it could have life and death consequences for the vulnerable drug using population.

Executive Director of Yakima's Union Gospel Mission Mike Johnson is angry and frustrated by the decision that will allow for addicts to be in possession of drugs and not have to fear arrest or prosecution.

Johnson says it is often the confrontation with law enforcement that represents the rock bottom for some users and it becomes the first step in taking personal responsibility and turning their lives around.  Without that potentiality, he believes some drug users won't be forced to confront themselves and may very well die as a result.  Mike called the Morning News to "RANT" as he calls it!

Another high profile KIT listener called in to express his concern as well. LaDon Linde, District three Yakima County Commissioner says the ruling is a short sighted disaster!

Linde says County statistics show drug use is a contributing factor in many other kinds of crimes.  He hopes the legislature will pick up the issue and will rewrite state law to include the requirement that prosecutors must prove that the defendant in a drug possession case "knowingly and willingly" had drugs in their possession

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