The configuration of the intersection of Summitview Avenue, Yakima Avenue, and 7th Avenue is being revised in order to improve traffic flow.

Beginning tomorrow City crews will reduce the number of eastbound Summitview lanes at the intersection from three to two.  Currently, two of the Summitview lanes are left-turn-only lanes that merge on to Yakima Avenue.  The third Summitview lane takes drivers across Yakima Avenue and on to 7th Avenue.

The three-lane configuration, which has been in place for several years, has led some drivers to make unsafe lane changes within a short distance of the Summitview/Yakima Avenue intersection.

The new two-lane configuration will include one left-turn-only lane (merging on to Yakima Avenue).  Drivers in the other Summitview lane will be able to either merge on to Yakima Avenue (by turning left) or go straight (crossing Yakima Avenue on to 7th Avenue).  As a result of the revisions, the lanes on Summitview will also be wider.

City crews will begin restriping the eastbound Summitview lanes at the intersection Tuesday at 7:30 am.  While the work is underway, eastbound traffic on Summitview will be restricted to one lane.  Crews should complete the restriping by about 4:00 pm that day.

For additional information about the revisions to the eastbound Summitview lanes, contact the City of Yakima Streets and Traffic Division at 575-6005.

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