I don't know if it's fair that I add Gary Bishop Johnson to the mix of contestants because I am a DJ, writing a post about getting your pet entered into Yakima Humane Society's 1st Annual Rescue Pin-Up Contest, using my beautiful rescue pup as bait.

Hi from Garybear

Look at him! He was just a little puppy at the Yakima Humane Society. He had been there long enough, he wasn't into showing off. When we saw him, he played with us for a second, did a little turn around dance, and then laid back down. The cutest little take-it-or-leave-it show we had ever seen.

My husband knew instantly and when he told this guy was the one, his full name came to me.

Gary Bishop Johnson.

He is so much more than our dog, he is a part of our family.

This is Gary lounging

Gary's favorite pastime

Gary and his favorite toy gator. He pulled the stuffing out of the first one right when he got it but still carried the empty one around so we got him another one and he is very careful to not destroy it!

Townsquare Media/Sarah J

Our pets are so much more than just four-legged eaters of food and diggers of holes. They comfort us and make us laugh. You can tell when they are smiling or being butt nuggets and yet they are still kind of mysterious. We talk to them like they understand and in a way, I really think they do.

So in honor of our pets let's see who has the cutest one in the area! The Yakima Humane Society is hosting its 1st Annual Rescue Pin-up Contest began on Monday, May 22nd and voting will wrap-up Sunday, June 28th. So don't snooze on entering because the winners will be securing a coveted spot on the calendar, a photoshoot for your pet, and more!

If you have ever felt your animal is a supermodel now is the chance to show the world :)

Either way, it's for a fantastic cause and right now there are chances to reserve/secure a special day for your pet on the calendar. Maybe their birthday or anniversary of the day you adopted them. Maybe both! We love our pets so why not have a calendar showing off all kinds of awesome rescue animals!

Possible candidates