What's more American than a good old-fashioned hot dog? Luckily that's not the question we're asking here, we're actually looking for the best Hot dog in the Yakima Valley. I volunteered to drive around town and find some of the best hot dogs the Valley has to offer.

Lucky for you I found 3 of the best hot dogs I've had in a very long time, so let's break down the list of where and why these are the best hot dogs in the Yakima Valley.

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3.) Miners

Famous for their giant burgers, and a small fry that could feed a small family. Did you know they also serve up some of the most delicious hot dogs? That's right they have a variety of different dogs on the menu each as delicious as the last. You can stop by miners on south first street in Yakima

2.) Burger ranch

Burger Ranch is a delicious spot and local to eastern Washington. Not only can you get a meal that'll fill you up for a good part of the day but you can also grab a delicious hot dog. Specializing in old-fashioned American food of course they'll have a hot dog on the menu. It may be old-fashioned but boy is it delicious.

1.) Winey Dogs

This is a step up from your normal hot dog, sure you can go old-fashioned with just ketchup or mustard, but we suggest living life on the edge and trying one of their gourmet hot dogs. You can get an original hot dog, polish dog, or seasoned brats. We can't stress enough how delicious their creations are. If you live in the Yakima Valley this is a must-try.

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