I am so sick and tired of hearing people say that nobody in town was rooting for Cooper Kupp before he made it to play for the Los Angeles Rams at Super Bowl 56! I'll have you know the Kupp family are well known in the Yakima area and have been for a while now! This week, the Washington state Legislature made a formal motion to honor Yakima's hometown hero, Cooper Kupp for his gallant Super Bowl performance. (KIMA-TV)


High School Football Game
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When I was serving on the Board of Directors for the Yakima School's Foundation, I recall a couple of instances where someone mentioned trying to secure an appearance from Cooper Kupp for a fundraiser. The request was for a videotaped segment or even a live interactive appearance. This request exposed me to our local celebrity's fame because one of the board members was friends with Cooper's mother, Karin.

Cooper and Karin Kupp
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I didn't keep up with high school football back in the day or even now in the day, so I would not have heard of Cooper's name beforehand, but I have been exposed to his rise in the ranks from Davis High School (GO Pirates!!) to Eastern University (where I would have attended online to get my teaching degree), and all the way to his draft picks in the NFL.

Cooper Kupp Los Angeles Rams
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So the next time you see or hear somebody wining that nobody even knew who Cooper Kupp was until the Super Bowl, please tell them politely to hush!

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The Washington state Legislature floor resolution SB 8656 honoring Cooper Kupp can be watched here on YouTube.

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