A 43-year-old Yakima man is dead after being shot in a drive-by shooting early Sunday. Yakima Police Capt. Jay Seely says officers were called to the 900 block of LaSalle Street at about 12:27 am Sunday after getting 911 calls of shots fired in the area. An officer in the area spotted the suspect vehicle, a silver, Honda Accord, as it turned northbound onto Fair Ave from LaSalle Street. Seely says the officer attempted to stop the vehicle but the suspects fled before crashing into a residence at 900 South 7th Street.

Police arrested two suspects after a short vehicle chase

Police arrested An 16-year-old and a 18-year-old both from Yakima. Seely say a sawed off .223 caliber Mini-14 rifle was found near the crash site, along with evidence of the shooting inside the vehicle. During the chase Seely says 911 operators received another call from a residence in the 900 block of LaSalle St. The caller told police one person was shot in the chest and he was not breathing.
Officers rushed to the scene and immediately began first-aid and CPR on a 43-year-old Yakima man, who was died at the scene.

Seely says witnesses told officers the silver, Honda Accord slowly drove by the residence three times, circling the block each time. On the first and third pass the suspects fired from the vehicle, striking the residence and the victim.

Police say one of the suspects admitted involvement in the shooting

A press release from Yakima Police says "during the interview, the 18-year-old admitted to his involvement in the shooting on LaSalle St, as well as, his involvement in the homicide of Joey Cantu on October 30, 2021, at 405 W Chestnut Street. The 16-year-old suspect is being held in the Yakima County Juvenile Detention Center on charges of Murder 1st Degree, Assault 1st degree, and Drive-By shooting. The 18-year-old was booked into the Yakima County Jail on charges of Murder 1st Degree, Assault 1st Degree, Drive-By Shooting, Eluding, and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm 2nd Degree.

Police say the shooting was related to local gangs

Seely says "this is such an unnecessary senseless death,” says Captain Jay Seely. “I’m so thankful for our patrol officers and detectives who did such a great job getting these two suspects off the street. We will now turn them over to Prosecutor Joe Brusic and his team to hold them accountable for their actions."

Authorities believe the shooting was related to local gangs.
The investigation continues Today.

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