$80,000. That's how much money Yakima Federal Savings and Loan is contributing to The Memorial Foundation to help fund the expansion of Yakima's Children’s Village. It's a place that has helped thousands of kids in Yakima with multiple service providers all under one roof. The $80,000 contribution will help complete a goal of $15 million campaign to raise money to expand Memorials Children’s Health & Medical Program.

Thousands of kids are helped at the village every year

A press release from the Savings and Loan says "currently, Children’s Village serves over 9,500 children each year and had over 43,000 visits in 2021. In addition to clinic visits, 300 children are seen in their home by Children’s Village providers each week. Over 1,400 children are waiting their turn to be treated at Children’s Village."  “We are committed to supporting families in Central Washington.” Says Leanne Antonio, President and CEO of Yakima Federal Savings and Loan. “Children’s Village meets critical needs for area families and we are pleased our contribution will allow further expansion of the services they provide.”

More treatment rooms more space and more kids will be helped in the future

When the expansion is complete the village will see an increase from 10 to 21 treatment rooms and a physical space expansion by almost 11,000 square feet.
The expansion also means an expansion of staff by 60 percent. The village will also increase behavioral health services and serve nearly 1,000 additional children per year after the remodel and expansion.“Everything we do is in partnership with parents and families-it's all about strengthening families. Strong children today will change the world tomorrow.” stated Erin Black, CEO of the Memorial Foundation.

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