Last night (4/21/20) the Yakima City Council voted 5 to 2 to censure 2nd District Councilman Jason White.  The censure carries no real teeth by way of penalty, being mostly a public admonishment of White for what the majority of the council calls some of White's recent Facebook posts as violations of the City Council's Code of Ethics and Principle of Conduct.

White doesn't believe such codes should even exist for the council.  He says the collective council shouldn't have a say in what he does or says and that the voters should have the ultimate authority.

But the codes do exist and are common documents used in local governments everywhere. The majority on council approves of them and adheres to them.

At the first meeting in April Councilwoman Holly Cousens moved to censure White for  a reckless disregard for public safety,and conduct unbecoming of a member of this council.

White said he stand behind everything he's said and he appeared on the Morning News to reaffirm his stance.


In 2017 Jason white was elected to the Yakima City Council from District 2 on Yakima's East side.  The district is home to 14,300+ residents but only 807 cast votes.    573 of those votes went to White.




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