Yakima City Council District #6 is located in the Northwest corner of the City. The City website says it's home to 13,176 residents with1,820 of them recognized as being Hispanic.  The County Auditor's office says 10,342 ballots were mailed out to voters in District #6. with 2,319 returned so far.

To put things in Electoral perspective, let's say there is a 40% turnout.  (The auditor predicts 25 to 28 percent but let's be hopeful.)

Comparing the districts--

District #2 ....  4,393 ballots delivered, 40% return is 1,572,   50%+1 is 879 votes needed to win.

District #4  ...  5,692 ballots delivered, 40% return is  2,277,  50%+1 is 1,139 votes needed to win..

District #6  .. 10,342 ballots delivered, 40% return is  4,137,  50%+1 is 2,069 votes needed to win...

All things being even (and they aren't) it potentially takes more time, more money, and more effort to be elected in District #6 than it does in Districts 4 and 2.

The one-term incumbent in District #6 is Brad Hill who decided not to seek re-election.  Four others are hoping to take his place.  The last of our interviews is with candidate Matt Brown.

The fourth candidate in the race is Garth McKinney who did not respond to our request for an interview.

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