In the early 1990's between 30,000 and 40,000 people in Yakima used wood stoves for their main source of heat. However in recent years that number has been cut in half but the Yakima Clean Air Agency says thousands of people still use them in the county.  The agency is hoping to reduce the number further through a local program to help replace uncertified wood stoves. If your stove is from 1994 or older it's time to replace it. The agency says the wood stoves, along with car exhaust and other pollutants contribute to Yakima's poor air quality in the winter months. that's why they're pushing the replacement program for those who qualify. The agency will pay you for your old uncertified wood burning devices up to $250.00 to see if you're qualified to have your wood stove replaced you can call the clean air agency at 509-834-2050.

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