The President of the Greater Yakima Chamber of Commerce says a letter sent to the Yakima City Council wasn't meant to scold the council but rather to give the council constructive criticism. Verlynn Best says the chamber board is hoping the council will live and learn from the criticism that questions the council's professionalism and lack of productivity. Best says she's concerned about the future of the city. "I always tell people if you think big companies looking at the community to come here and do business don't do their homework and watch city council meetings and are aware of this stuff we need to rethink that because people are watching us."
Best says the letter that was sent to the council was developed by the entire chamber board. The letter points out problems. A lack of professionalism. A lack of problem solving. Not adressing the needs of a majority of the city and a lack of honoring commitments made by prior councils. City council member Carmen Mendez says she's happy the letter was sent. "You know I'm glad they came forward this is a chance for us to reflect and to grow."
She says shed' be willing to sit down and have a conversation with the chamber board. She says she's open to suggestions.
Best says many people in the community are happy the chamber spoke out and Best says she's hoping there's a change in the city council in the near future. Best will be on KIT Friday morning to talk further about the letter and the Yakima City Council.

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