The World Trade Organization needs more time to translate a panel report on Country-of-Origin Labeling expected next month. The decision on COOL was expected to be released November 27th. However, the date has been pushed back to allow more time to translate the report into multiple languages. The WTO’s decision on how much Canada and Mexico can impose in retaliatory tariffs on U.S. goods will be final and not subject to appeal, allowing both countries to implement the tariffs.

A new report suggests meat consumption in Canada is declining, shadowing a similar drop noted among U.S. consumers since 2007. The study by the Conference Board of Canada notes that Canadians are eating 31 percent less pork and 19 percent less beef than they did in 1999, although chicken consumption rose by 11 percent in the same period. Reasons cited in the report include an aging population that is turning away from red meat for health reasons, Canadian immigrants who are giving up meat consumption for religious reasons and higher prices for pork and beef.

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