Ag News: Romaine Frustration
Romaine lettuce is under scrutiny after reports of E. Coli outbreaks linked to Arizona's Romaine crop, causing five deaths and nearly 200 people to fall ill.
South Korea Stops U.S. Poultry; Farm Bill Debate
**South Korea is a major poultry and egg importer, but has closed its market to the U.S. following the new detection of highly pathogenic bird flu at a Tennessee broiler breeding operation.
Employees at the broiler operation, a contract grower for Tyson Foods, noticed “unusual mortality&CloseCu…
WTO Win for U.S. and Beef Trade to China
A WTO trade enforcement panel ruled in favor of a challenge to wide-ranging restrictions on agricultural products. The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative says the barriers are restricting the import of millions of dollars’ worth of American fruits and vegetables, beef and poultr…

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