Post Office’s New Christmas Campaign With Pixie Lott
Miles Willis

It is better to give than receive, right?  Right?  That's in part because you don't have to fake appreciation when you give...right?

Sometimes the gift giving season means having to fake enthusiasm when you get a "less than desired" gift.

A survey by OnePoll asked 2,000 Americans for the worst gifts they've ever received, and some of their answers included aluminum flip-flops, a peacock shirts, a box of corks, a paperclip necklace, a huge rubber duck and an actual lump of coal. Thanks Mr. Scrooge.

On the flip side, when asked about the best kind of gifts they've ever received, they named things like personalized collages, diamond necklaces, photo books, dream vacations and handmade art from children.

Most of the respondents, 87 percent, said they'll pretend to like a present they don't to avoid hurting the giver's feelings.

So, what's the worst gift you've ever received?  Do you fake enthusiasm for unliked gifts?  Do you re-gift?


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