Join the Navy and see the world...OR...connect with Yakima's Harman Center and their latest edition of "The Trips and Tours"  program at the City of Yakima’s Harman Center and see the world that way!

The power of Niagara Falls, the excitement of an African safari and the history of Portugal are just some of the travel itineraries that will be offered and are depicted in the new World Travel Catalog for 2020.

(The video posted here is just a representation of the kinds of sights you might see in Lisbon, Portugal.)

“This will allow everyone who wants to go on some of these trips plenty of time to plan ahead,” said HC Trips & Tours Coordinator Lori Schatz.

The 36-page catalog is available by clicking

Call Schatz at 576-6405 for more information about Harman Center Trips and Tours.

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