Oli Scarff, Getty Images
Oli Scarff, Getty Images

First day of Summer!  Try to take a few days off, relax a little, reconnect with the family and enjoy a vacation or even a stay-cation here in the beautiful Yakima Valley.

But when you go back to work, go back armed with this information and alter your behavior accordingly.

A  new French study as reported in the Independent finds people who work an average of just one 10-hour day a week see their risk of suffering a stroke rise by a third !

The study found that people who said they worked 10 hours or more at least 50 days a year (once a week) were around 29 percent more likely to have a stroke.  And if one 50 hour day is bad, more is worse!  Among people who worked chronically long hours over a period of ten years or more, those individuals have a 45 percent increased risk of having a stroke.

Americans may scoff at that, but in France, employees have specific, legal protections that enforce their "right to disconnect" outside of work hours.

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