If you enjoy an occasional good glass of wine, you should find this interesting.  The bottom line with wine is this –when it’s good, it’s good and don’t let the price tag lead you astray!

New scientific research from the University of Bonn, a region known for its vineyards and wineries, helps shed light on how your taste buds are connected to your wallet!

As reported in Elite Daily, participants were given wine samples as their brains were scanned. But here’s the catch.  Before each taste the tastees were shown a retail price.

You can probably take it from here.

The test subjects rated the wines they thought were more expensive as tasting better than less expensive bottles. The experts say we've been conditioned to believe if something is pricey, it must be good.

This truth can now set you free to enjoy the wines you like, regardless of how good a bargain they really are.

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