You've seen the T-shirts, right? "It might not be the end of the world, but you can see it from here."

Well, it's kind of the same thing with springtime around the Yakima Valley. It might not feel like T-shirts-and-shorts, lawn-mowing weather just yet, but you can sure see it coming.

At least that's how the Central Washington Home Builders Association sees it. Their 2020 Central Washington Home & Garden Show is coming up the weekend of March 13-15, and the theme this year is "Build Your Vision." More than 100 exhibitors will pack into the Yakima Valley SunDome offering help and inspiration for anybody squinting for ways to make their home more comfortable, efficient, attractive or convenient.

We'd like to get you in, too -- for free! Just fill out this easy entry form and wait for us to contact you. We'll announce winners March 11.

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