We hope you enjoy our "Wake Up and Smell The Coffee" contest sponsored by Cafe 11th Avenue each weekday morning.  It's fun for us and we love giving away a great prize to our listeners,

And we even have a tip on how best to take your prize.
As far as health benefits from a cup of coffee, take your coffee hot. Jefferson University researchers analyzed the chemical differences between hot and cold brew light roast coffee from several countries. They found hot coffee has higher levels of antioxidants.
It's those antioxidants which could explain why the drink has been linked to reducing inflammation and fighting deadly diseases.   Keep in mind that cold brew wasn't determined to be unhealthy-- it just had fewer antioxidants.
So watch your app alerts for clues and join us each weekday morning at 7:11 to play Wake Up and Smell the Coffee from our friends at Cafe 11th Avenue.

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