The August 31st deadline for getting all Americans out of Afghanistan has raised an awful lot of questions and concerns, especially with the prospect of us leaving people behind.  The Leave No Man Behind sentiment runs deep.

It's DNA - No person Left Behind

In a 2014 report from CNN, Captain George Galdorisi, a career naval aviator and co-author of  “Leave No Man Behind The Saga of Combat Search and Rescue.” wrote

"Today, the phrase is often attributed to the elite U.S. Army Rangers, who have the language as part of their creed: “I will never leave a fallen comrade to fall into the hands of the enemy.”  Similar language can be found in the Soldier’s Creed – “I will never leave a fallen comrade” – as well as the Airman’s Creed – “I will never leave an Airman behind.” The Latin version, nemo resideo, is even the motto of the Marine Corps’ Personnel Retrieval and Processing Company, the team charged with retrieving the remains of fallen service members from the battlefield."

A Fundamental Change

So to even remotely consider that possibility is something America's Military just wouldn't normally do...but these are not "normal" times.  That was reinforced by our Morning Show guest, Mike Johnson, CEO of the Union Gospel Mission and former U.S. Army Ranger.

The fact that billions of dollars worth of military technology and weaponry has so easily fallen into enemy hands is also difficult for Johnson to accept.

Mike John is one of our favorite guests.  He is smart, funny, aware, articulate, and has a great analytical ability.  Take all that, couple it with deep faith and command & understanding of Biblical principles and you get an interesting and important conversation.  Here's Mike.

Bible-believing Christians are in particular jeopardy from the rise and return of the Taliban and all our prayers are with them.

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