New Home Sales Increase Despite Rising Mortgage Rates
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Sorry millennials, life is about to get a lot more expensive as you close in on the age of 31.

Why 31?  A British based credit check site ClearScore ran the numbers and determined age 31 is most expensive, costing about $60,058 for a number of milestone reasons.
In a poll of 3,000 people, about 27 percent said getting married filled their hearts but emptied their pockets around that age, while 25 percent said the cost of buying a house was an exciting but expensive reality.
Checking back on the newlyweds shows 14 percent said their honeymoon was unforgettable and so were the costs!  And then baby makes three - as in 3 more decimal places for bills! Twenty percent said starting or expanding their family was a major financial worry at age 31.
ClearScore estimated the cost of all this - getting married, honeymooning, having a baby and looking to buy a home - could add about $70,000 to one's ordinary costs in the course of a year.
Another interesting find show millennial financial struggles transfer to their parents: nearly 33 percent of respondents ages 25 to 34 say they still get money from mom and dad. (Daily Mail)


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