Washington is one of the most beautiful places in the world, we did build cities in the middle of a rainforest. However, some people still despise the state, we thought we wouldn't be able to figure out why but after some extensive research we realized it's pretty simple.

We found the five reasons people hate Washington, whether they live here or somewhere else, this is their reasoning. Now, remember, we didn't write it from our point of view, it's what we found in our research, we love our home and our state even through the bad. That being said let's check out the list below!

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5.) Seattle Freeze

The Seattle Freeze is an urban legend put out by a lot of different tourists who that claim when asking for help or even just trying to talk to someone they're shut out or ignored. We've yet to have this issue. True, some people don't like being bothered, but if you're comparing the PNW to the south yes we're very mean to people we don't know. But remember in the south there's a thing called southern hospitality where even when people are disliked they're still treated with kindness.

4.) Politics 

It's no secret we live in a state that favors the left, we choose to leave politics out of our topics but it's obvious the people who dislike Washington like to list this as a big reason why.

3.) The Traffic 

If you live anywhere in Western Washington you're dealing with traffic, it used to be certain times of the day were worse than others but now it just seems as if there's traffic at any point in the day just waiting to push your buttons. Tourists will for sure find this frustrating when visiting. It's not something we exactly advertise but it's something that does exist.

2.) Twilight

Yup, you read that right, Twilight, people hate twilight and blame it on Washington. Yes, the movie and book series takes place in Forks Washington, but we don't have any vampires running around. Funny enough a good amount of locals hate this about our state, due to all of the out-of-state tourists that head up to forks and take over the town. Funny enough out of staters also dislike Washington for this same reason.

1.) The Homeless Issue

It's not just Seattle that has a homeless issue but a good amount of places in the PNW. Washington is known for its homeless camp in Seattle but that's not where the only issue lies, it's also in Tacoma, Everett, and other cities all over Washington. People blame the epidemic on the leaders of Washington but we all know it goes deeper than that. This being said Washington State has gone leaps and bounds to figure out this problem and is continuously trying to help those in need.

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