Joe Mann has been called Mr. Downton, The unofficial Mayor of Yakima, king of the Comics and now he can add to that the official title of The 2021 Ted Robertson Community Service person of the Year.

He's Mr. Modest

It's quite an honor but Joe accepts it in his usual self effacing manner, point out all the other possible choices who just as easily could have been selected.  Which is, in part,  why he's exactly the right choice

County Music star Sammy Kershaw wrote a song called She Don't Know She's Beautiful, with the lyrics of:

She don't know she's beautiful (never crossed her mind)
She don't know she's beautiful (no she's not that kind)
She don't know she's beautiful
Though time and time I've told her so

OK, nobody is going to describe Joe Mann as "beautiful" (maybe Mrs. Mann!) but the concept applies.  He just goes about the business of being a good guy without any purpose other than genuine goodness. As we would say "Life is Great!"

Joe Mann Know His Way Around Downtown

Joe Mann popped in on the Morning News to give his assessment of business activity in downtown Yakima, which he says is picking up, but he also had something to say about a variety of topics.  Mann is a buyer and seller of silver and gold and he says there is plenty of activity in that market as people buy precious metals as a hedge against inflations.

He also had some thoughts on the trend of classic comic book characters changing their sexual identity.

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