Just about everybody except Joan Crawford's kid think they have the best mom every. And that's the way it should be, but in honor of Mother's Day, the good people at Time Magazine put together a list of what they consider the 10 Best Moms Ever.   Do you agree?

10 Best moms ever (source: Time magazine):
10. Dumbo's mom (Mrs Jumbo)
9. The moms of "The Joy Luck Club"
8. Gaia (also known in English as "Mother Earth"
7. Rusty Dennis in "Mask"
6. Jochabed, Mother of Moses, who made a basket and floated him downstream after Pharoah declared that all newborn Jewish males be killed.
5. Florida Evans from "Good Times"
4. Whistler's mother.
3. Hester Prynne from "The Scarlet Letter."
2. Marge Simpson. "She's sweet, simple, unflappable
1. The Queen Mother, From "Aliens." "She's protecting her babies, trying to find them safe haven and nutritious food to make them grow into big, strong healthy aliens. Like all good moms, she will take out anyone who is a threat.  And she doesn't even expect her kids to buy her flowers on Mother's Day. Now, that's a champ."

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