Welcome back from the Memorial Day Weekend....how  did it go?  Did you get to where you were headed and back ok? In record time? Did you drive or did your significant other?  Simple questions asked against a backdrop of SCIENCE!

Science has now "officially" demonstrated that men tend to navigate more efficiently than women.
Researchers from the University of California, Santa Barbara conducted a couple of experiments and found that in computer stimulations,  "men were more likely to take shortcuts and as a result, on average, reached their destinations faster than women."  The women drivers, well they were more likely to follow known routes and wander."
(Almost sounds like shopping, doesn't it?)
But not so fast because study leaders remind us this test was about navigating in a virtual environment where men, with on average a greater experience and familiarity with video games, could have enjoyed a advantage born of a greater comfort zone in the virtual world.


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