The Blessed Easter season has triggered some unusual customs around the world and  reports on a strange one out of the Czech Republic. Feminists cover your eyes. There's an Easter tradition where young men make a baton of braided willow branches and then go about the community looking for girls to gently whip!  Somebody get Madonna a doctor, stat!

The idea is that the light little love tap is supposed to encourage beauty, good health and fertility. You see the logic in that don’t you? Me neither.  As if the smack isn’t enough, the woman is then supposed to give the man either a decorated egg --or a shot of booze-- as a thank you for his compliment.

In some parts of the country, the women get their revenge the following day by tossing a bucket of icy water on a hot guy they've spotted.

That’s one box on the big list of Easter traditions that I won’t Czech!

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