An opinion piece in the USA Today, today, written by Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, proclaims The Republican party can still make a strong comeback.  

Governor Hogan was never a fan of Donald fact he had planned to run against him this year but changed his mind and ultimately voted for the deceased former President Ronald Reagan, rather than cast a vote for President Trump.

Maybe it's that kind of blind spot about Trump that moved Hogan to write the piece.  But before you get too deep into the party overhaul Mr. Governor, you may want to look at the success Republican's had in races all over the Country.  Maybe it's not the Party or policies that needs the work but the messaging and the messenger?  Are YOU available? Sir?

Hogan wrote, "The Republican Party can once again come back stronger than ever before. But, just like in 1980, we need to look outside of Washington to do it."

I wonder if Maryland's Governor's office is considered "outside of Washington?"  I'll bet it is!

"Outside the Beltway, Republican leaders are delivering results every day, working across party lines to rebuild our infrastructure, reduce the cost of living for working families, and grow the economy. And that’s what Americans overwhelmingly want — regardless of their party affiliation, race, gender or ethnicity."

At the same time businessman, consultant, author, blogger and our favorite Floridian Tim Bryce has a piece out entitled  WHERE DOES THE GOP GO FROM HERE?

The next presidential election is just four short years away and there is already plenty of things to be done before 2024 we will have to find a new candidate and whoever becomes the front runner will likely not have (Trump's) same energy. In other words, it will require more work by the candidate’s supporters than this year.

The far-left’s agenda will undoubtedly raise its ugly head again in another attempt to turn the country to socialism and immoral behavior. The next question obviously becomes, “What can we do about it?”

Bryce sees a a four part plan including pushing back on the left through education,  . Implement legislation to prevent election tampering, selecting the best candidate and making Republican groups to more effective.

Bryce's article points out areas of focus like, ACADEMIA,  NEWS MEDIA, MORALITY,   LAW ENFORCEMENT, MILITARY, GOP CLUBS and LEGISLATION.

Bryce adds, "Select and support the best candidates for office. We need moral people who support the Constitution, and offer skills conducive for leadership and proper American values. A litmus test of some kind would be useful to determine qualifications for a position. We certainly do not need more career politicians."

As usual, it's a good read and much food for thought. Check it out here.  And as Tim says, Keep the faith!

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