When it comes to pizza, Yakamanians want to get the most cheese for their "cheese," the most sauce for their "cabbage," the most pepperoni for their "cash-areeno!"  So how do we make that happen?

Buzzfeed reports that Twitter used @fermatslibrary to do the math (wait, we were told there would be pizza, not math) and they came to the counterintuitive conclusion that one 18-inch pizza actually has more pure pizza surface area than two 12-inch pizzas. Chew on that!

In fact, you get 28 more square inches of pizza if you order an 18-inch pizza (254 square inches) compared to ordering two 12-inch pizzas (226 square inches.)

But, if you're crushing on crust, then you'll want to go for the two 12-inch pies, as you'll get 33 percent more crust compared to one 18-inch pizza. Now you know.

Yakima has a lot of pizza possibilities, Pisan. Which pie catches your eye?


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