Ever get the advice from someone you trust telling you to"trust your gut"?  Have you ever had that bad feeling in the pit of your stomach telling you something was not quite right with a situation or circumstance?  Is it paranoia?  Is it paranormal?  Is it indigestion?  What should you do when your gut sends out a warning?

A new study says you better pay attention and take heed. Neuroscientist Dr. Linda Rinaman, with Florida State University, says the gut and brain are constantly communicating via the vagus nerve, and says gut feeling signals are a "powerful influence on emotions, mood, and decisions" and are often in response to worrisome or threatening situations and events.

Gut feelings can motivate us to take a closer look or further evaluation and in some cases full on avoidance of a situation.  All this assumes that your diet isn't getting in the way of your gut. The study shows diet can have a major impact on the quality of your gut's signals potentially impacting mood or behavior, so at times it could be indigestion! (Independent.co.uk)

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