Valentine's Day is approach a cockroach scurrying across a linoleum floor.

Not romantic enough for you?  That's ok, not everyone  is feeling the LOVE on February 14th.  In fact, the day often inspires bitterness among the brokenhearted and acts of vengence or payback are not unheard of.

Some people box up the memories of a love gone bad and burn them.  Others opt for the classic "tear up the photo" maneuver.  And others go all animal.

United Press International reports the San Antonio Zoo has another way to help you rid yourself of your ex.  For a five dollar online donation, the zoo's  "Cry Me A Cockroach" event lets visitors name a cockroach after their ex, or for $25 they can up the ante and the imagery and name a rat.

But the ex's exorcism doesn't end there.  Once named, the roaches will be fed to various Zoo creatures, while the rats, well, the rats will be fed to snakes!

And to close the curtain on the failed chapter of romance, the feeding of rat to snake will be live-streamed online so purchasers can get their emotional closure.  Sheesh!

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