Politico reports that Wheat growers in Washington, Idaho and Oregon say the quality discounts that local elevators are giving them for their grain will unfairly hurt their future crop insurance coverage. Politico reports that Northwest growers want USDA's Risk Management Agency to waive its policy that has crop insurance agents factor into actual production history assessments the discounts many growers are getting hit with at grain elevators this season due to crop damage. When farmers bring their wheat to grain elevators, the crop is subject to a "falling numbers test" that grades it for quality. Many wheat varieties are earning low grades as a result of daily temperature fluctuations that cause sprout damage.

A bipartisan group of lawmakers from the region is appealing to USDA's Risk Management Agency (RMA) to reconsider its policy. and U.S. retail sales of small tractors rebounded in August, gaining 21.2% while sales of the larger tractors as well as combines continued their double-digit declines.


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