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My recent ode to Covid-19 was quick poem to embrace the idea of working from home.

"Covid-19 is quite a beast, but I work and drink from home at least. I type a page, I take a shot and I wonder out loud if I'll ever get caught." 

Recent studies reported here show there is a lot of "extra curricular" activity going on a people work from home, but what do the experts think the future holds for the working man & woman?

According to the Businessinsider,  It might be hard to  imagine a world of working in an office 9-to-5 again once the pandemic is over. Harvard professor Ashley Whillans is predicting that, “Companies may let employees work from home two or more days per week, with some opting for three days in office, two days remote, and then two days off—a 3-2-2 workweek.”

The old 3-2-2, sounds like a football play or zone press but it could be the future of work.  The experts say this will give employees guidelines to follow, but also empowers them to choose the schedule that works best for their lives.

Would you rather work from home or do you prefer your previous situation?  I want home as an escape from work so save me the primo parking spot and prepare the corner office please!

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