Remember how excited we all were for New Year's Eve this past December?  It wasn't because we wanted to watch Kathy Griffin get inappropriate with Anderson Cooper again or Chrissy Teigen stagger around half in the bag or try to listen to Mariah Carey sing....sort of..or even to celebrate by wedding anniversary. No. We were excited at the prospect of putting the horrible year of 2020 in the rearview mirror and moving on to better and brighter days.

Can we say that has really happened? Outside of Joe and Kamala, I mean they seem happy. right?  Anyway, we are still in the middle of a crazy health, culture and economic ride and who really knows when it will end?

I had Covid-19 and spent three short days in the hospital and have bounced back to normal or better!  Not everybody has been as fortunate and some say they would willing to put their money where their memories lie. With all the stories I've written and we've talked about on KIT about the Coronavirus pandemic, this one makes perhaps the most sense.

OnePoll surveyed 2,000 Americans over age 21 and found people said they’d be willing to spend an average of $1,835 to completely forget about calendar year 2020.  Maybe it was lost opportunity, lost time with family and friends, illness or even death but a couple of grand for some kind of "Men In Black" neuralyzer brain eraser sounds like a pretty good investment.
When asked about the most stressful events of 2020, half naturally mentioned the COVID-19 pandemic, another 37% said the way the Government handled the pandemic was a major stressor.
30 % of respondents said it would be worth about 2-thousand dollars not to have to deal with the most stressful aspects of their lives.  I
I have written about a number of studies referencing how alcohol consumption has been up during the pandemic (no comment on any independent verification) so it's not surprising to learn that about 30 percent of those interviewed said they hope to reduce their alcohol consumption in 2021.  That right there might save some of the participants close to two thousand bucks!
Personally, I wouldn't spend a dime.  There are so many lessons to learn and remember and grow from coming out of the challenges of 2020 that I'll hang on to them, even the sad and painful ones.  I'm not in favor of erasing history of any kind.  How about you?

The Technological Vaccine Center of the Federal University of Minas Gerais is Testing a Vaccine against the Coronavirus (COVID - 19) and also Testing Diagnosis Kits
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