Once the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is over, it's not uncommon for many people to get a case of the "post-holiday Blues."  Add in the complications of COVID-19 and the stress level let down generating the blahs and the blues may be even worse this year.

As reported by FOX News, Dr. Desreen Dudley is a licensed clinical psychologist and explains, “Post-holiday blues are negative mood changes that set in after the common buildup of intense and high emotion and activity of shopping, planning and overall excitement of the holidays.”

Getting back to a to normal life can be tough, and made potentially even more difficult following 2020’s socially-distanced holidays which could’ve included feelings of grief.

If you find yourself  feeling sadness, low-energy, difficult concentrating, difficulty sleeping, low motivation, worry, stress, and more, then you you likely have the post-holiday blues.

The holiday blues aren't limited to adults. Children can experience this too, and Dr. Dudley says we can help alleviate the feelings by planning post-holiday activities or something new to look forward to, or even taking some time off instead of jumping right back in to work.

The experts say the post-holiday blues go away after you’ve readjusted to your typical day-to-day life, but if the feelings become more permanent, or overwhelming you should consider talking to a mental health professional.

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