Some of the darkest and most twisted humor I have ever heard came out the TV newsrooms from the 1970’s and 80’s.  Now I know why and now I know why it’s changed.

Truth of the matter is that not everyone finds twisted, dark jokes funny, but according to some new research it turns out those who do are more intelligent and emotionally stable. Let that marinade a moment.  If that’s you, feel free to lord it over your pals.

European medical researchers studied people's reactions to sick jokes, and concluded, "Black humor preference and comprehension are positively associated with higher verbal and nonverbal intelligence as well as higher levels of education.  Who knew!

Ok, so does that mean such people are total creeps?  No, from my experience, back in the day people going into journalism were stable, driven, worldly, independent, well educated individuals.  What I see today are often pampered, social justice warriors with no world experience or perspective, pressured by social media and a desire to be famous.

Among the many things they lack in my opinion are the things science says you need to get dark humor -" it takes both cognitive and emotional skills to understand dark jokes”   Today a blind adherence to political correctness replaces the need for emotional skills.  But that’s just me ...and my dark humor friends!  (Daily  Mail)

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