We are closing in on Election 2020 and most minds are made up.  It won't be long until it's all over. But for those few who are still not sure, our friend from Tampa, FL, author, freelance writer and businessman Tim Bryce has some thought to share on what happens when you vote for Biden.

He has written a very informative column and you can find it here timbryce.com

As Tim puts it, if you're voting for Biden, it means at the very least you were satisfied with the policies of the Obama administration and It also means…

* You believe there should be higher taxes, particularly for the “1%.” This means you believe in a redistribution of the wealth in this country, and by doing so, you believe Socialism should supersede Capitalism.

* You believe government should become more invasive in controlling the lives of the people, after all, they are not smart enough to know what is best.

* You believe the New Green Deal is a great idea and should be implemented ASAP (regardless of the cost).

* You believe the 2nd amendment should be repealed regarding the right to bear arms.

* You believe expanding and packing the Supreme Court with liberal justices is a reasonable way to promote the Democrat agenda.

* You believe the electoral college should be abolished and the popular vote should be the sole method for electing the president. By doing so, you believe urban America should have a greater voice in elections than rural America.

* You believe racism is rampant in this country.

This list could be longer, but these beliefs speaks volumes about your moral values and interpretation of what America means.

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