We've known since 1984 that Sammy Hagar can't drive 55.  But how about you? Can you stick to the posted speed limit?  The Washington State Legislature doesn't think so and fatal car crash statistics back them up which could result in speed cameras on the state's highways.

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6 Speed Cameras to Watch Out for on I-90 in Western WA

 New House Bill proposes speed cameras for state highways

According to published reports, proposed legislation in the Washington House of Representatives could result in drivers being cited for speeding without ever seeing the flashing lights of the Washington State Patrol.

House Bill 2485 is sponsored by Republican State Rep. Andrew Barkis, who represents the 2nd legislative district.

We need to make our highways safer and we need to utilize all tools at our disposal to do that

The bill would create a pilot program to test two or three automated cameras on state highways. Not unlike traffic cameras in cities across the country, the devices would clock driver's speed and take a picture of the vehicle's license plates in an effort to see if the cameras would make drivers slow down.

WA State Patrol On The Prowl
WA State Patrol On The Prowl

Washington State Patrol Says Speed Kills

Washington State Patrol Captain Deion Glover says, "Speed was one third in contributing factors in roadway fatalities in Washington state last year."

745 in 2022 -- that is the number of people who passed away on our state highways, Rep. Barkis.

 Lawmakers say that during the test period, there would be no tickets issued, just warnings but ultimately it could result result in a first time offense fine of $124 and doubled to $248 if a motorist is caught speeding again.

Reactions to the idea have started to show up on line with few supporters chiming in so far:

The citizens of Washington better get together and fight this. Speed camaras have been proven to be illegal in multiple states, and are merely just a form of grift for the 3rd party contractors who operate the system, and a form of taxation without representation for all citizens.

But back to Sammy Hagar.  He has homes in Florida, California, Hawaii and Mexico so I don't know if he'll be driving through Washington anytime soon. But he doesn't need to weigh in on traffic speed cameras. We already know where he stands.

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