There are several bad intersections in areas all over town. What is Yakima's worst?

Traffic volume, number of accidents, traffic light problems can all contribute to a "bad"
intersection. There are several in Yakima that would compete for the title.

My choice is South First Street and Nob Hill Blvd. This intersection sees the highest traffic volume in town, and forget about getting into the left turn lane to go west if you're traveling north bound on South First. I remember years ago being late for a dental appointment, and being in that left turn lane behind a lift truck that probably didn't belong there. The driver sat there almost entirely through the green turn arrow trying to get going, and then killed it after going about 20 feet. I was following and rolled into the back of the lift truck. Being made of heavy steel, there was no damage to the lift truck, but my little car I had at the time suffered some damage. Since then, that intersection has been at the top of my list as the worst.

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