I know a lot of guys who, when asked "What's your favorite beer?" would most likely respond with, "The one that's free" or "The one that's in my hand" at the time. Funny, fellas. Real funny. But the numbers show there are favorites in the industry, and we here in Yakima Valley hops country should know these things.

First of all, what about craft beers? Well, it is trendy to drink craft brews, but they don't come out on top as far as sales. Numbers crunched by 24/7 Wall St. recently show Bud Light is the top seller, shipping 33 million barrels of beer in 2017. As popular as that beer is, it is still down 6.2 percent from 2016.

Newser reports that the news isn't much better for four of the top five beers, which had year-over-year drops in sales as well -- although not quite as large a dip as Bud Light,

Rounding out the top five were some pretty recognizable names.: Coors Light (16.5 million barrels, down 4.1 percent), Budweiser (13.3 million barrels, down 7.5 percent), Miller Lite (13.1 million barrels, down 2.8 percent), and Corona Extra (8.7 million barrels, up 3.6 percent.)

Who was up in the top 10?

Corona Extra, No. 5 five in sales with 8.7 million barrels, was up 3.6 percent. Big growth was seen by Michelob Ultra at No. 6 with 7.7 million barrels and up a toast-worthy 21.3 percent!  No. 7 in sales was Modelo Especial, which sold 7.2 million barrels, representing a 17.4 percent increase! The folks at Busch saw modest gains, with Busch Light up 0.4 percent.

What's your beer of choice?

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