We don't get to spend a lot of time with 14th District State Senator Curtis King so when he is available we like to hit him up with as many topics as he has time to discuss.  He had two frustrating, disappointing head-scratchers to talk about this morning.

The Odds

As of this March, Democrats control both houses of the Washington State Legislature with a 16 vote majority in the House ( 57-41) and a 7 vote majority in the Senate (28-21...with one Democratic senator -Tim Sheldon of Potlatch - caucusing with the 20 Republicans).

Senator King, a Republican, has spent the last 14 years representing Yakima and most of that time in the party minority status.  Simply put, all the great ideas in the world won't get any traction if they come from a state republican.  Conversely, some of the worst ideas will get passed if brought forth by state Democrats.  Cases in point - The State's new Long-Term-Care tax and a handful of bills loosely tied together under the banner of police "reforms".

L-T-C...NOT To Be Confused With TLC

The Long Term Care tax will show up on your paycheck in January. Chances are that is as close as you will ever get with something that has anything to do with what the tax is supposed to do for Washingtonians.  The benefits are ridiculously low and capped compared to what are the real costs of long term care.  The act requires a 10 year vesting period, it isn't portable out of state, blah blah blah.  The list of problems is longer than the list of benefits by far.

Senator King's message is : Wake-up, it's coming - fast, there's nothing you can do about it, and once in the state plan, you can NEVER opt-out....

Police Reform

Senator KIng, like sheriffs and Police Chiefs around the state, is frustrated and disappointed by actions taken by Democrat lawmakers that will provide an extra measure of space for criminals while leaving the residents of Washington less safe.

Thoughts now from 14th Dist, State Senator Curtis King (R) Yakima...

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