Today, we'll focus on entertainment and activities.

Yesterday, we asked you what type of new restaurants you would like to see in Yakima. Today, we want to ask what type of new entertainment venues would you like to see here.

The first one people bring up is a waterpark or aquatics center. I would like to see this as well.  We have great summer weather, and you would think this would be a no brainer. It would take private money for someone to build a Boulder Beach or Roaring Springs here, and they would have to charge admission. My family has vacationed at both.  With the old mill site, there would be plenty of land for one.

Moses Lake continues to expand it's city aquatic center, and many people from Yakima drive the 100 miles to Moses Lake to use it. They also drive to Hermiston, Oregon, to use their facility.

I've also seen the pessimists reply to a waterpark idea, saying that gangbangers would take it over. Security experts I've talked to say just the opposite. They sum it up by saying, "rats run from the light".

I also don't buy the "nothing for kids to do here" line, either. There's plenty.  But, being the father of teenagers, you can suggest a laundry list of possible activites for them, and the answer you get is: "I don't wanna do that".

What type of entertainment venues or activites would you like to see come to Yakima?  Be sure and leave us a comment.