Before someone answers "We need less crime and more employment and education opportunities",  let me say that this is going to be more of a fun, think big kind of exercise. Today let's focus on the restaurant  community.  We have made some strives in recent years with more offerings, especially when it comes to different types of ethnic foods. But what type of different restaurants, either chains or independents, would you like to see in Yakima in the future? I've heard more than one person say it would be great to have a Friday's - Chili's - Applebee's  place in West Valley. Or, a Buffalo Wild Wings.

Part of this desire comes from being exposed to national advertising, some from having traveled to places that have more choices.

I saw a website post recently wondering if the community could support the three self serve frozen yogurt places that have opened in the last few months. I think that that is OLD Yakima thinking from when we had a population that was half of what it is now.  And the old attitude that one of anything is good enough for Yakima.

So just for daydreams sake, what type of new restaurant businesses would you like to see open up here?