• Lawmakers in the House and Senate said last week they have reached an agreement on the Water Resources Development Act.

    Lead negotiators say they will bring their agreement to the House and Senate floors this week. The water bill apparently identifies about $8 billion worth of new water infrastructure projects and authorizes funding for them.

  • Florida Republican Marco Rubio says a single piece of legislation on any topic, especially immigration, is going to be very difficult to achieve.

    Rubio says an all-or-nothing approach doesn’t work and he isn’t sure sweeping immigration reform legislation can be done in President Obama’s second term if nothing passes this year.

    New York Senator Chuck Schumer says by early next year the Republican primary season will be in full flower which will make things even more difficult. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul thinks comprehensive reform is unlikely to pass ever.

    If the House is going to pass immigration legislation this year though, supporters say there is some time between now and the August recess. Arizona Senator John McCain says Republicans are going to realize the chances of winning a nationwide election without immigration reform are minimal.