Do you like snakes? No? Are you one who immediately feels terrified or begins to shiver at the very thought of the reptilian creature wrapping itself around your neck and not letting go? If so, sorry for that imagery, but, you may be an Ophidiophobic.

Good news if you're letting the fear of a poisonous snake attacking you from enjoying the great outdoors in Washington State - because of the roughly 12 species of snakes common to our neck of the woods, only one, is venomous and potentially deadly. This critter is actually a VIPER.

The Northern Pacific Rattlesnake - a subspecies of Western Rattlesnake.

Via YouTube Screenshot Heidi Rockney

At least these guys will normally give you a heads-up that they're near - rattle rattle!


California Mountain Kingsnake

Via Youtube Screenshot ConejoValleyGuide

You'll not only find these colorful snakes in California as the name implies, they're all over the Western U.S.


The Western Terrestrial Garter Snake

Via YouTube screenshot Northwest Herper

It takes two to tango. I'll bet nobody would want to find one of these anywhere near their garter.


The Striped Whipsnake

Via YouTube One Biota Network

Looks good in stripes and intelligent! Great combo.


The Sharptail Snake

Via Youtube Screenshot technoendo

Sometimes called Sharp-Tailed. Sometimes called late for dinner.


The Ringnecked Snake

Via YouTube Screenshot The Wildlife Brothers

Betcha can't guess how this one got its name.


The RACER Snake

Via Youtube Screenshot technoendo

As the name implies, they're fast and while they're considered constrictors, they really don't constrict their prey, so much as they wrap a couple of coils around the prey - wearing it out - and gobbling it down - alive.


The Pacific Gopher Snake

Screenshot Via YouTube John Delgado

I was really hoping to find out that this guy was named after Fred Grandy's character on 'The Love Boat' but, no such luck. The Herpetologist I interviewed just gave me blank stare.


The Northwestern Garter Snake

Via YouTube Screenshot Northwest Herper

This little guy is among a few different species of Garter Snake found in our area and is perhaps the smallest.


The Night Snake

Via Youtube Screenshot technoendo

When encountered, at night, this one is often, at first glance, misidentified as a rattlesnake.


The Common Garter Snake

Via YouTube Screenshot MrLundScience

Common, perhaps, but not unremarkable. Nice stripes and a good listener.


The BULL Snake

Via YouTube Screenshot Orry Martin - The Texas Snake Hunter

AKA The Great Basin Gopher Snake.

CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO for a squiggly good time and more herpetology than you can shake a stick at. (not that I've tried shaking a stick at a herpetologist).

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