It's not time to put your bike away just yet.  With weather like this, keep pedaling and with news like this, well, keep pedaling even more!

A press release out of Olympia announces Washington State continues to roll as America's most bicycle friendly state.  Says who?  The League of American Bicyclists that's who and that's who has ranked Washington as the leader in the nation every year since 2008 when the League first began its program of recognition.

The League looks at a variety of policy and practices that lead to better biking including - Infrastructure and Funding; Education and Encouragement; Legislation and Enforcement; Policies and Programs; and Evaluation and Planning.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee is pleased with the reoccurring recognition, “As a state we have invested in Safe Routes to School for a healthier next generation and in a transportation system that supports safer biking and walking mobility options for Washingtonians. I appreciate the work of our Bicycle Friendly communities, businesses and universities that have all contributed to building active, healthy transportation options.”

Washington state puts its money where its feet are including more than $20 million per year for bicycling and walking projects.  The creation of a new, statewide Active Transportation Division was mentioned as another reason why "the state has retained its spot as a national leader in improving conditions for people who bike and walk."


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