It's up to you and it should be.  President and CEO of the Greater Yakima Chamber of Commerce, Verlynn Best, shares her thoughts on masking up with the Morning News team on KIT.  The Governor has decreed that State workers must mask up and that students and teachers will too, but so far a state-wide mandate has not been called.

Make The Right Call On COVID

Best says it would be best if future COVID decisions from the Governor's office didn't include any kind of s return to lock-down or business interruptions.  She says there are still government programs available to help businesses and Best encourages local businessmen and women, to call the Chamber of Commerce -10 Nth 9th St at (509) 248-2021 to see if there is a program that might fit their needs.

The topic most on the Chamber leader's mind is the State's new income tax to fund a poorly thought out Long-Term-Care program.  We've talked a lot about the shortcomings of the plan in terms of a lack of portability, the vesting process, the mandatory nature of participation in the plan, the low amount of benefits offered by the plan, and the short window to act on a limited number of alternative options.

Take A Letter

Best says the Chamber has written a letter to the Governor outlining the problems and asking Inslee to put the brakes on the November deadline so that the legislature can make important tweaks to the legislation so it is a better and more effective option for businesses and families.  She is asking the community to write letters on their own or she says she will make a copy of the Chamber letter available so the Governor's inbox and mailbox are flooded with the reasonable request of time to improve the bill and find alternatives.

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