If you have an outstanding warrant in Yakima County District Court you have a chance to resolve the issue without doing any jail time. District Court officials have started a program called "warrant recall." They say COVID-19 has been the problem because it created a scheduling problem and backlogged cases. Some people didn't want to go to the courthouse because of the pandemic. So there's warrants that haven't been served because of the scheduling problems so district officials have created a program to give people a break. During a hearing a judge would be able to set a new court date and cancel the warrant.
The "warrant recall program" allows people to appear in court in person or on zoom and it's a program that is also helping people in Union Gap and Grandview city courts as well. According to a press release
The program is now available and will continue until September.

The press release says "If you have an outstanding warrant from Yakima County District Court, Union Gap Municipal Court, or Grandview Municipal Court you can appear on a walk-in warrant recall calendar to have the warrant quashed, and a new court date set.  If you have an outstanding warrant that has a warrant fee, you will not be required to pay the warrant fee to get your case scheduled on the warrant recall calendar.  You also will not have to post a bail bond.  The case will simply be calendared by the Clerk.

The walk-in warrant calendars are scheduled on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m."  For more information https://www.yakimacounty.us/2541/Warrant-Recall-Program

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