Selfies aren’t the basis of most retirement planning, but a leading researcher in longevity and a professor in the School of Public Health at the University of Illinois thinks they should be.

As Barrons reports, the premise is that the human face is a biomarker for the rate at which we age and more than you can imagine can be learned about you, based on a photo.   When most people plan for their retirement the two most crucial questions are —how long are you likely to live, and how much of your life will be spent in relatively good health?

Nobody really knows the answers but with new facial analysis, gene testing and other advanced technology, advisers and investors may finally be able to get a handle on your future and thus better prepare for it.  In a recent AIG Life and Retirement survey the majority of respondents said they fear running out of money more than death itself.

Lifespan tables are a starting point for many would-be retirees, but they are based on general information and don’t take into account specific factors like lifestyle, health or family history. That's where the "selfie" comes in. From that photo, experts now have technology to estimate both lifespan and health span.

Just say "cheese" to another potential future tool to better help you plan for your financial future.


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