The quote "an Army marches on its stomach" is often attributed to Napoleon and basically means that an Army requires a good and plentiful food supply to be effective.  How about the "army" of employees where you work?  Same thing?  Pretty much!

Fox news is reporting that pizza can be an intense motivator for people at work.  Psychologist Dan Ariely agrees. He conducted an experiment in which he offered four groups of employees at a company rewards for productivity. Ariely says one group was offered $30 as a bonus, another group was promised pizza, another group was offered a compliment from their boss, and the last group was offered nothing.

Which one won? Turns out pizza was the biggest motivator, coming in ahead of both compliments and cash.

In fact, the prospect of pizza motivated workers to be 6.7 percent more productive.  That's maybe something to keep in mind when your company has a big project on deck.  (FOX)

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